The Triangel

Land Art in the Forest of Experiences

We made a piece of land art called Kolmisoppinen (Triangle) to the Land of the Forest Spirits, adventure Kittilä in September 2004.The art work was planned and produced by art education freshmen Tuula Karppinen, Ristomatti Myllylahti, Eva Mäkinen, Niina Piispa, Hilla Vierelä ja Lotta Vähäsöyrinki.

The location for our art work, the swamp, was a fun place and a reasonable solution for land art, but at times the work was also quite hard and messy, mostly because the swamp was a new working environment for all of us.

The Triangel should be visible to the viewer also during winter time, and it should stay alive and continue to grow and change through time and seasons, but just to be safe we also captured our work into photographs and text.

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