Environment + Art + Pedagogy

Art camp for art education students in Kurtako

Our work group was formed of first year art education students of universtity of Lapland. Our work took place in Kurtakko, northern Finland in autumn 2005. There is a large swamp area where causeway (Telatie) is located. Telatie is route to other villages. It has had many purposes from delivering post to picking berries. Our intentions were to make environmental art which relates to Kurtakko’s history and to learn the basic principles of environmental art education.

We were told to make an artwork from willow to a village called Kurtakko. We read an article from Samuli Paulaharju, which was about the old days of Lapland when cattle-raising was still the main source of living. We think that we achieved our goal very well. Our work is easily recognized and fits to it’s surroundings telling the story of old cattle-raising days. We learned about team work and basic principles on working with nature.

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