Winter Art Education

School Projects in Rovaniemi and Kemi

The first part of the Winter Art Education Project’s cooperation with schools was the Frozen-project of March 2003. It became a pilot project for testing the possibilities of snow and ice sculpting as a method of cooperation for schoolchildren of different ages and university students of art education. During the winter 2003-2004 The Ounasrinne Comprehensive School utilized their spacious yard to build the Ounasrinne Snow Park with the aim of getting the whole school involved. At the Rantavitikka Comprehensive School the goal was three-fold: to improve the usability of the schoolyard, to unify the school community, and to develop methodology for architectural education in terms of winter art. A school located on the Arctic Circle celebrated Valentine’s Day with the Circle of Friendship, a work of art constructed to inspire communal activities on a yard shared by a comprehensive school, kindergarten, and youth house. In addition to the focus on schoolyards, the Winter Art Education Project organized works of art constructed together by schools, institutes, and other local organizations.

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