Forest of Experiences

Environmental Art in the Forest of Experiences

The first year students of Art Education took part in an environmental art project called “Forest of Experience” The project was a part of their course in Environmental Art and it took place at 7.-10.9.2004 in Köngäs, Kittilä.

Students were divided into five groups and each group was given their own area in the forest to locate their work on. The designing began with many different suggestions but the final ideas came to groups when they got to the forest and got to try out the materials.

All the works in the forest are based that was based on stories about the spirits of the forest, elfs, goblings etc. For excampel The Ambush of Goblins (Hiitolan väijy) is an enchanting work of art. Deceitfully beautiful, winding path attracts the wanderer into the dark ambush, where the goblins will capture him to be their slave. The piece merges well into the environment.


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